I'm Laura, an Adelaide based professionally trained lapidarist and my passion is gemstones and minerals. I am the founder of Tatum Gems, and my aim is to share my uniquely cut and designed gemstones with you, while passionately inspiring and educating the industry about gemstones.

I have been working and learning in the jewellery industry for 10 years now and graduated as a qualified Gemmologist and diamond grader through the Gemmological Association of Australia in 2014. I then began lecturing in 2015 for the GAA and became involved with both state and federal committees since 2016 until present day, in roles such as Education Officer and state President, to help make a difference in my industry. I began cutting gemstones and experimenting with designs in 2014 when I was studying my second year of Gemmology, and went on to design my first unique cut in November 2014 which was an octagonal shape that I named the Lataphilly Octavia Cut. From the moment I started designing this unique cut I knew that my passion for cutting unique gems had only just begun and I look forward to designing many more unique cuts in the future. 

All of my designs are handcrafted with love and I find a lot of my inspiration for design comes from nature itself and the crystallography of each individual gemstone. 

Tatum Gems isn’t just about selling gems, I want to share with you my passion and curiosity for gemstones and encourage people to get involved and be inspired. You can click on the Learn More link to find out about Gemmology courses available around the world, or follow my Instagram or Facebook account to discover more about gemstones or see what projects I'm currently working on.

Instagram: Tatumgems

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tatumgems