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Tatum Gems founder, Laura Phillis

Asia Lounges A Gem Dealer's Journal


An interview with Simon Dussart from Asia Lounges about how I got into the industry and my take on designing gemstones and traceability, among a few other topics.

Gem Cutter - Laura Phillis

Laura Phillis - Gem Cutter, Gemmologist


An easy-read interview with Ellysia Gems about Gem cutting and Gemmology.


Justin K Prim and I sat down to discuss gemstone designs as part of his webinar series for The Institute of Gem Trading. We talk about how I approach cutting a gemstone from rough to finish, and the concept of unique designs.

Simon Dussart from Asia Lounges interviewed 3 different cutters from 3 different backgrounds about the differences between faceting with a mast machine, tang handpiece, and jambpeg methods, as well as the importance of Gemmology.


Gemstone Baby Mobile Collaboration
2021 Forecast Colour palette


Laura Phillis from Tatum Gems has built a decent following intuitively, and Tom Ragg is the social media expert. We compare notes on using Instagram and the importance of content.

Two fabulous gem cutters, Scott Langford and Laura Phillis, from Adelaide discuss their process to assist a jewellers process.


The Emperors Pendeloque

The “Somewhere in the Rainbow” Collection housed at the University of Arizona Gem and Mineral Museum features 2 green Synthetic Corundum gemstones faceted for the 2019 Lapidary Extravaganza. Pictured left to right are 2 unique designs I created for this event; “The Emperors Pendeloque” weighing 10.23ct, and the “Mantis Shield” weighing 3.77ct.

An article about these stones and this event is featured in The Australian Gemmologist Volume 27 Number 2 titled: Somewhere in the Rainbow – A modern gem and jewellery collection (no digital copy available).

Tatum x Refinery Row Collaboration

A limited-edition wearable art collaboration with Refinery Row in 2020 features 7 Tatum Gems gemstones, which were hand painted by Jennifer Rowlands and reinforced onto leather backings for strength, to become earrings.

Tatum x Angie Crabtree collaboration

An art collaboration with Angie Crabtree in 2019 features a Tatum Gems Australian Parti Sapphire rose cut that was painted on a 10” canvas with oil paints. The painting has now sold but below you can see the oil painting and the original photo of the gem (insert). To see more of her work visit

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