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Our difference

Here at Tatum Gems, we offer an intimate collection of quality natural gemstones in a fantastic variety of shapes and colours: handcrafted designs inspired by nature. 

From stunning bespoke faceted gems to handpicked cabochons with intricate patterns, we find a special joy in celebrating colour, quality, and the unusual. 

With clients across more than 30 countries worldwide we take pride in nurturing strong and genuine relationships with both our customers and suppliers, and always look to exceed expectations through great service tailored to individual needs.


We are an Australian based gem wholesale company that specialise in sourcing and cutting unique and bespoke gemstones for the jewellery trade only. We deal in a wide range of faceted gemstones from across the world including sapphire, garnet, beryl, tanzanite, spinel, quartz, tourmaline and zircon. We also offer a range of ornamental cabochons such as jasper, larimar, turquoise, agate, malachite and many more.


I'm Laura, an Adelaide based professionally trained lapidarist and my passion is gemstones and minerals. I am the founder of Tatum Gems, and my aim is to share my uniquely cut and designed gemstones with you, while passionately inspiring and educating the industry about gemstones.


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