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Here at Tatum Gems, we offer an intimate collection of quality natural gemstones in a fantastic variety of shapes and colours: handcrafted designs inspired by nature.

From stunning bespoke faceted gems to handpicked cabochons with intricate patterns, we find a special joy in celebrating colour, quality, and the unusual.


Tatum Gems started up in 2016, born from Laura’s passion and curiosity for stunning coloured gemstones. Laura built a great reputation for precision cutting and unique fancy cuts over the next few years, working to grow the business from a one-woman show to a small team who are passionate about storytelling and love to educate about gemmology. From our cutting workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, we strive to inspire our customers by showcasing the cuts and colours of gemstones we love.

We value ethical sourcing, with an increasing focus on the known origin of gemstones and transparency regarding treatments. Communication is key to our success: we take pride in nurturing strong and genuine relationships with both suppliers and customers, and always look to exceed expectations through great service tailored to individual needs.

Laura Phillis     |    Owner, Lapidarist, Gemmologist, Creative Director

Laura is a professionally trained lapidarist who’s been cutting her own unique designs since 2014, when she began training under master cutter Scott Langford in the Adelaide Hills. She’s earned a Diploma in Gemmology through the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA), plus a qualification in diamond grading. 

The inspiration for her unique designs comes from nature itself and the crystallography of each individual gemstone, and she very often allows the natural shape of the rough to guide the design of a finished gem. Her broad skill set allows for great adaptability when cutting, as she doesn’t use GemCad or any computer software to generate her designs and rarely uses books or diagrams: all her unique designs are cut freehand, while standard cuts are ingrained in her memory from repetition.  

Laura Phillis - lapidarist

Laura has 14 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, with insight into the needs of both small manufacturing jewellers as well as larger companies. Eager to share her expertise and make a difference in the industry, she began lecturing for the GAA in 2015 — she finds teaching to be a rewarding way to stay informed, further develop her own skills, and encourage others to get involved.

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